Eastern Regional Icelandic Horse Championships

2018 Eastern Regional Icelandic Horse Championships (ERIHC)

The goal of Eastern Regional Icelandic Horse Championships (ERIHC) is to recognize both ability (high placing scores) and commitment (attending 3 or more shows).

The following shows are scheduled for "east of the Rockies":

  1. May 26/27: Lettleiki Sanctioned Show, Shelbyville, KY
  2. June 23/24: NEIHC Open, Thor Icelandics, Hudson, NY
  3. July 28/29: Solheimar Open, Tunbridge, VT
  4. Aug 4/5: Flugnirkeppni, Winterhorse Park, Eagle, WI
  5. Sept 8/9: Toppur Sanctioned Show, Harmony Icelandics, IA
  6. Oct 5-7, Kentucky World Ranking Event, Lettleiki, Shelbyville, KY
  7. Oct 27/28: Frida Icelandic Horse Sanctioned Show, Montaire Farm, Middleburg, VA

Scoring and Awards:

  1. No one needs to sign up, we will just tally the results of the above shows
  2. Scores follow the rider, with the exception of the Green Horse division. Scores follow the horse. (Please note that once a horse scores 5 or above 3 times in ANY FEIF class, the horse is no longer eligible for Green Horse classes).
  3. Scores from 3 Shows will be used in calculations (Show 1 + Show 2 + Show 3 = score). If someone rides in only 1 show, they receive 0 for Show 2 and Show 3 scores. If someone rides in 2 shows they receive a 0 for Show 3 score. If someone rides in the World Ranking Event, their highest score will be used. If someone rides in more than 3 shows we will tally their top 3 scores.
  4. Fun Classes will be scored as described above, with the rider receiving 10 pts for 1st place, 9 for second, 8 for third and so on.
  5. Awards will be a printed certificate and will be mailed out before November 30.

Division Champions:

  1. Novice (T7 and V5)
  2. Intermediate Four Gait (V3 and T5 or T6)
  3. Intermediate Five Gait (F2 or F3 and T5 or T6)
  4. Group Open Four Gait (V2 and T3 or T4)
  5. Open Four Gait (V1 and T1 or T2)
  6. Open Five Gait (F1 and T1 or T2)
  7. Youth (11 and under) (V6J and T8J)
  8. Youth (12 to 16) (V6 and T8)
  9. Green Horse (VGH and TGH)

Fun Class Recognition (We may be able to recognize more fun classes, provided there is enough overlap in offerings between shows):

  1. Three Gait
  2. Pleasure Tolt
  3. Beer Tolt