American Youth Cup

The American Youth Cup Mission:

1.    Be an educational opportunity for youth riders

2.    Encourage teamwork and friendships between youth across the nation

3.    Be a platform for our best youth riders to compete and show their skills

The American Youth Cup is arranged every second year and will last for approximately a week.  It is an event that is both educational and competitive but overall encourages friendships between young Icelandic horse equestrians across the nation.  The participants will be aged 12 – 17 and will use horses at the location selected for them through a semi-random process.  The participants will be divided into teams.  During the beginning of the week the participants will be coached by some of the United States most qualified and successful riders and trainers.  They will participate in a variety of team activities and go on a group field trip.  The last two days will include an Open Sanctioned Show.  The riders will compete in a selection of classes including FIPO sport competitions, Cross-country trail competition, and Icelandic horse dressage competition.  Individuals and teams will be awarded for high scores, team spirit, sportsmanship, and horsemanship.


The goal of the application process is to evaluate whether the applicant has the necessary skills to thrive in the situation that will be presented to them at the American Youth Cup.

These skills are summarized as the following:

1. Ability to ride a horse that they have never ridden before in a selection of FIPO classes, Cross Country Trail Competition, and Icelandic horse dressage.  

2. Openness to learning in new and challenging situations

3. Ability to become part of a team and encourage team spirit in a group of fellow competitors.   Ability to make friends and show good sportsmanship.

Applicants resume will account for 60% and applicants confidential teachers evaluation will account for 40% of their score when being ranked for acceptance.  Rankings will not be public information. 


Teacher's Evaluation